Mindy Independent is scheduled to open its doors in the Fall of 2019. Admission will begin in the 2018-2019 school year. There will be no academic testing required in the application process.

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The tuition rate at Mindy Independent is $14,900. We are committed to providing a Mindy Independent Education to families with a wide range of economic backgrounds. Families are welcome to apply for financial assistance each year by providing us with a snapshot of their financial background. Full or partial assistance will be granted to qualifying families. In addition, we will also provide the following tuition credits to all families:

  • Referral Credit: Many will say a referral is one of the best compliments you can receive and we tend to agree! Both the referring family and the referred family will receive a tuition credit.
  • Sibling Credit: A tuition credit will be provided for families with two or more students enrolled in our school.
  • Volunteer Credit: We value the partnership between school and family. One of our ways of saying thank you is by providing a credit to families who volunteer their time! Volunteer opportunities can take place inside and outside of school and before, during, or after school hours. Families can even volunteer on the weekends! Our intent is to make volunteering a possibility for all families including the working family.
  • Early Payment Credit: If you are ready to commit to Mindy Independent and submit your payments before the final due date or want to pay for multiple years upfront, we will show our thanks by providing you with a tuition credit!

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