Our School Day

Although academics have always been at the center of education, we understand that wellness is becoming more and more imperative for today's children. For this reason, we balance our curriculum with an emphasis on both academics and wellness. Our academic and wellness curriculum will vary at each grade level but our core values, philosophies, and approaches will remain constant. In the implementation of our academic curriculum, we will regularly integrate more than one content area in each lesson. We know that students are more actively engaged and are better able to learn new concepts through interdisciplinary approaches. Our wellness curriculum, although explicitly taught at times, is more so a set of understandings and practices that are modeled and implemented throughout the day. Our comprehensive approach to curriculum allows for teachers to focus on the whole child and for students to learn to understand and love their whole selves. 

Before and After School Programs

We recognize that quality and affordable before and after school care is a thing that many families seek out. Here at Mindy Independent, we will provide just that. We are committed to providing a structured environment while still allowing our students the freedom they need to just be kids. Our before and after school programs will be available to all students and offered upon enrollment.

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