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Academic Curriculum – Mindy Independent


Through interactive read-alouds, all students will be exposed to developmentally appropriate grade level texts that are engaging and thought provoking. We will balance whole group reading with small group lessons at students’ instructional level where they can read and comprehend with little support. This small group instruction allows teachers to challenge students who are reading above grade level and provide targeted support for students who are showing signs of struggle with reading. All reading instruction is standards based. Our small group instruction is heavily inspired by Fountas and Pinnell’s guided reading approach.


We will practice crafting narrative stories, persuasive/opinion pieces, and informational texts. Student examples of writing may be in the form of a traditional essay or story while other times the product might look more like a brochure, a poster, a multimedia presentation, or a book. Research has shown that students are more successful when they are able to write about topics that interest them and create authentic, purposeful pieces. Our writing workshop incorporates these findings with standards and writing workshop best practices.

The Arts

At Mindy Independent, we recognize that there is a lack of understanding around the importance of the arts in education today. We believe that providing students with the opportunity to explore the arts will be critical in our focus on wellness and the whole child. The arts for many are a form of self expression. We want to nurture students’ ability to share their voice through art and instill in them that it is okay to color outside the lines.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum will include ample time to teach current events in an age appropriate manner. While the history books are important, we recognize that we are living in a time that will undoubtedly take up several pages in a history book someday. We want to help students understand current, global events in a way that is calculated and compassionate. In addition to current events, we will also teach geography, history, and civics.


Our science curriculum provides students with the opportunity to challenge the thinking of themselves of and others. It allows them to explore and discover new information using hands-on methods. These hands-on methods will allow students the opportunity to create, build, observe, and experiment. Guided by standards, we will dive deep into physical science, earth and space science, and life science units. We will also explore how science concepts are applied in our everyday world.


Our standards-based math curriculum focuses on building number sense in all grade levels. It is only when students have a strong foundation of numbers and how they work that they will become successful mathematicians. Part of our approach in math is pushing students along the continuum of how math is most easily learned. Math is an abstract concept and we know that when we can make the abstract concrete we understand much more easily. Once students have mastered a skill concretely, we will move them along the continuum into visual representations. After this, students are able to tackle mathematics without visuals or concrete objects. We understand that students will be at varying places on the continuum at different times. We will always move along the continuum at the pace your child needs.

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