While academics have always been the foundation of education, we know that today's learners live in a highly complex world. We balance our focus on the importance of academics with an equally important focus on wellness. Although we call this a wellness “curriculum,” we know and understand that wellness can never be taught by following a textbook or script or by creating a lesson. Wellness is a compilation of practices and understandings. It happens every day, throughout the day. Blocks of time will be dedicated to some general wellness lessons, however, wellness will mostly be taught through teacher modeling, prompting, and simply bringing awareness to each of the focus areas listed below.


Self-awareness is a skill that many schools use to help struggling students. At Mindy Independent, we institute a proactive approach. We want all students to be taught this important life skill, not just those students who outwardly show signs of struggle. Imagine a classroom where students know the type of learner they are and use that awareness to take their learning to the next level. Imagine a classroom where a child knew they were having an “off” day and could communicate that to an adult in a healthy way instead of silently suffering. Knowing your strengths, areas for growth, likes, and dislikes are the first steps to self-actualization. We will provide students with the tools they need to become more self-aware and self-actualized throughout their years with us and beyond.


A large part of confidence is knowing your strengths, tapping into how to best utilize them, and taking pride in them. We believe that perhaps an even bigger part of confidence is knowing the areas in which you need to grow, being comfortable with where you are in them, and being certain that you can get to where you want to be. We believe in a growth mindset and we know the damage simple phrases like “I’m not good at…” can do. We frame our language in a way that encourages room for growth. We teach students that where we are is never a static place and only we have the key to move forward. We nurture students and allow them to be comfortable and confident in all parts of who they are.  


More and more research states that our diet has a huge impact on our overall well-being. It can impact our physical health, our mental clarity, our energy levels, and so much more. We are dedicated to providing students with plenty of options for nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and snacks as well as access to locally grown products. We look forward to partnering with the community to help feed our students’ bodies while we also feed their minds.


Children's lives have changed drastically from what they looked like 30 years ago. Researchers can contemplate the hows or the whys but one thing we know for sure is that today’s child is far more sedentary than the child of 3 decades prior. Movement is beneficial to a student’s physical health. It has also been proven time and time again to contribute greatly to a child’s ability to learn and to retain information. Movement is also fun! For these reasons, we will move away from the more traditional block of time set aside for movement (e.g. Physical Education classes and recess) and instead incorporate movement throughout our students’ entire day. A visit to our school might allow you to see lessons taking place outdoors, students acting out parts of a story, or utilizing manipulatives and materials in science or mathematics. Students are engaged and active on a physical and mental level when they are moving. The incorporation of movement in our curriculum will allow us to address the needs of the whole child.


At Mindy Independent, we teach about balance in a variety of ways. Imagine a learning environment where teachers actively discuss balance within the context of day to day decisions. So while your child has broccoli and carrots for snack they also indulge in cupcakes for a birthday celebration, during which their teacher's language and actions help to build your child's' understanding that eating in balance builds a healthy relationship with food. In another example, a class spends more time than intended outdoors on a beautiful day and enjoys the quiet solitude that being indoors can offer the next day. Balance is absolutely key to so many aspects of our lives which is why we teach even our youngest students how to create it.

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