Mindy Independent is rooted in the idea that once children discover their passion they have a greater sense of purpose and self-awareness. We look forward to guiding students in engaging with and uncovering what they are most passionate about.

We want to nurture children's innate desires to explore and think creatively. We guide and facilitate discovery rather than using traditional teaching methods which leads to more authentic learning and lots of magic. 

Balance is a concept that carries into so many aspects of our lives. One of the biggest challenges children face with finding balance is that the journey can be uncomfortable. We guide students to a state of balance that offers less stress, renewed energy, and flexibility!

One of the greatest qualities a human being can have is compassion. We believe that children are naturally compassionate beings and we nurture that quality. We create a sense of community where everyone's stories are heard and valued and compassion can be shared.

We teach all children how to be self-aware and use that awareness in their everyday lives. We also strive to instill confidence in every child by embracing their individuality. When this self-awareness and confidence are combined the beauty of self-actualization comes to fruition.


At Mindy Independent, we will build a diverse community of passionate learners and creative thinkers by educating the whole child.

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